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Fleet & Technology

Our Taxi Network supports independent contractor drivers and their passengers with the most sophisticated technology available in the for-hire passenger ground transportation industry. Our Taxi fleet includes an extensive inventory of clean, well-maintained sedans and minivans, operated by independent contractor drivers who serve all of Pinellas County and its municipalities, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. This equates to a faster responsive time compared to our competitors.

  • Surveillance cameras mounted inside the vehicle enhance passenger and driver security.

  • Computer dispatch software,allows us to pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle in our fleet at any given time via GPS and enables us to provide prompt response time.

  • Electronic meters and mobile data terminals in our vehicles ensure that rates are accurate and fair.

  • In-vehicle credit card swipes and receipts provide an extra measure of convenience for passengers.

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Rides for Groups

Need a ride for more than 4 people? Got luggage and beach bags? Our 7-passenger minivans are perfect for group rides. Specify “minivan” when you request a taxi online or by phone, for up to six passenger rides.

Download our Taxi Network app for mobile devices or book online from your desktop to schedule your ride, find the nearest Taxi, or get a fare estimate. You may use your mobile device to receive real-time notifications as your vehicle approaches. Users may store and nickname frequently used locations for a personalized experience.

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